Giancotti Olearia
About Us


The Giancotti Olearia company was born in 1999 with Giuseppe Giancotti who worked, with the help of his brother Aldo, for the development of a commercial activity sector in the wholesale trade of Calabrian Oil. .

The activity carries on the oldest agricultural company created in ‘70s by Giuseppe and Aldo’s fahter and dedicated to the olive growing in the hilly area of the province of Catanzaro.

Nowadays the company represents an efficient brokerage activity within the olive oil production chain, specialised in the trade of the finished product.

Since 2013 we have faced the challenge of the foreign market: today, almost the 80% of our turnover is developed around Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg).

For this reason, our company works on building direct relationships with Italian business owners in Europe, such as cooking chefs, or hotel or restaurant chain owners.

This allowed us to build a bond of trust with the operators of the food services and chefs, in order to develop new and user-adjustable products.

Our values

Health, well-being, taste and care for the environment.  The value of our oil derives from the carefull selection of the most suitable varieties of olives according to adequate cultivation territorial procedures and processing methods. Furthermore, ultimately, both of these intent to respect nature and the environment.

We contribute to the valorization of the natural process for producing olive oil, encouraging a well-informed and conscious consummation of the product. To do so, we try to give importance to the agriculture and to the people working with it.

Our future projects:

  1. Making alliances in Italy and abroad with catering chains in the luxury segment.
  2. Organize a network of businesses starting from the idea of "extra virgin olive oil as a cultural and tourist resource", in order to increase the tourism sector, involving all the aspects of supply chains: olive growers, oil mills, accommodations and restaurants